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Fast Bundle

The Mother-Load Bundle

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  • Printed on premium Glossy lustre paper
  • Signed by artist
  • Numbered + Letter of authenticity each
  • This Bundle includes all prints from my Like Mother Like son Bundle and at 50% off at any size, shiped in 2-3 Days nationwide and is avaliable framed/unframed


    Emerge, Emergence, Emergency (Pink)

A human body can survive without water for a mear 3 days but when the human is inside a body of water, it can drown in less than 60 seconds, going from nothing to something very quickly. The night before my mom went back on her first tour After two years of covid restrictions we decided to have a spontaneous photoshoot. To me this image encapsulates the feeling of escape, i think everyone has felt trapped and isolated from the outside world but so “connected” at the same time. Its difficult to differentiate between a last gasp for breath or a gasp in shock, only time can tell the difference. This image may look scary at first but upon closer inspection you’ll see she is actually catapulting to the iris of the lense.

Move silently (Blue)

I feel that oftentimes when it comes to announcing, performing or doing something big it’s always good practice to conceal your intentions to others. As much as we need each other to be in the loop- mystery builds interest and with interest you provoke action. If you have big dreams and you overshare your ideas people can put you off. A lesson i think we can learn from my mom and performing artists alike is you move silently. Stay humble do what you do best and let your actions speak louder than your words. Don’t be afraid to move quietly or be hidden sometimes. Sometimes well-meaning friends and family can cloud your vision. One life! Yours! As the african proverb goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Don’t be afraid of thinking for yourself and making your own decisions.

Flux Ignite (Orange)

Flux: “the action or process of flowing or flowing out."the flux of ions across the membrane"

“the rate of flow of a fluid, radiant energy, or particles across a given area.”

When we as humans are in flux we feel that we are continuously moving and paired with our mody, soul and mind. Hope and dreams and reality in perfect harmony. Luck favours the prepared mind. As an independent photographer outside the limelight of my mom’s success it took me years for people to actually respect and appreciate my work. But the more time I spent on photography, the more time photography spent on me. My mother taught me how to start of my fire. I captured this image of her floating in the pool and my ring light magically created these “flames” around her head. This image captures her serenity and passion.

Third wave (Ocean)

I captured this image of my mom at sunset, standing with her feet in the water looking to the horizon during the SA third wave. As a body-boarder I’m always aware of what the waves are doing: they come and they go. By looking at this picture it feels like my mom was thinking the very same thing on this day. I love the abstract jet of water behind her heels. It makes her seem well grounded and ready for action at the same time.


Printed on premium matte lustre paper

Exclusive frame with color of your choice

Shipping & Returns

Hassle free returns if you are not satisfied with your order

Please do note, if you order frames, delivery will be delayed by 2 weeks

Normal Express Shipping applies to unframed prints


☐ A1 (594 X 841 MM)
☐ A2 (420 X 594 MM)
☐ A3 (297 X 420 MM)
☐ A4 (210 X 297 MM)

Care Instructions

Avoid any area with excessive moisture or heat

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